12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Combination Striking Part 4

Regarding the 2 Combos
The reason why I chose 2 Boxing combos is that punches are quick and easy to put into the combination, not because kicks are any less valid.

But if you’re just starting out, these 2 combos will serve you well when you’re in the thick of things–meaning toe to toe with an opponent.

The first one works well because it combines an Inside-Line punch with an Outside-Line punch.

It’s hard to be well covered for both.

Either you’ll draw their arms to the outside and come straight up the middle, or you’ll draw their arms to the middle and come around the side.

The second one combines a low punch with a high punch.

Because it’s with the same arm, it’s a quick combo. ALL the power has to come from the hips on this one.

As a bonus, the second one also requires you to turn outward–so it’s a great combo to combine with head movement.

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