12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Angling Part 5

Angling: Combining it with your Head Movement

Why combine the two
Combining your head movement with your angling allows to a bit more time to get out of the way of the punch because you’ll already have avoided the strike.

It’s also great because it moves you out of the way of any additional punches the attacker might throw.

Sometimes I work a drill with my students where they put their hands behind their back and the only defense they have is footwork and head movement.

Trying to stand toe to toe and just use head movement is tough.

But by angling out, your partner then has to reset in order to throw more punches.

So it stops their ability to fire off combinations.

Another reason to combine them is that the addition of head movement allows you to really load up on your punches, so that you’re driving your shots home from a crouched position, giving you the additional power of pushing up with your legs.

Imagine doing shoulder presses with dumbbells, keeping your legs straight and just using your arms.

Now imagine squatting as the weights come down, and then using your legs to help throw the weights overhead.

You get a lot more power.

Now imagine using that same momentum as you throw your counterpunch after angling out.

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