12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Head Movement Part 1

Head Movement: Constant Movement

Head Movement for Defense
Keeping your head moving constantly makes your head a moving target.

It’s natural for people to punch at where the target is, rather than trying to guess where it’s going to be when the strike would land.

Of course, constant head movement requires energy, so you have to work on your conditioning if you want to make it a staple part of how you fight.

But what I love most about keeping the head constantly in motion is that it takes care of a lot of your defense and allows you to focus more on landing big shots.

I personally don’t have the quickest reactions, and yet I sometimes surprise people by how effortlessly I’m able to get out of the way of punches.

It’s not because I know what’s coming, it’s just that adding head movement in as a natural part of your style allows you to be already moving out of the way of the most common attacks or counterattacks that come to you.

Head Movement for Offense
Head movement also sets you up for a much more complex offensive game.

My constantly moving your body and shoulders, your punches become much less predictable.

If you strike from a stationary position, it’s easy to see the attack coming.

But if you’re constantly moving, you’ll be halfway to the target before your opponent picks up on the attack.

It also allows you to load up on your shots without giving anything away.

And finally, you have many more tools to choose from.

For instance, now you can lead with your rear hand more often because you’ll sometimes be in a position where that’s the closest hand to the target.

This makes you a lot harder to read and to prepare for when sparring.

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