12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Setting Up Techniques Part 5

Different ways to use the Rule of 3’s
The Rule of 3’s is all about establishing patterns and then breaking them.

In the video, I gave you 2 ways to use the Rule of 3’s.

The first was by creating a pattern in your combination, and then breaking that pattern.

The second was by creating a pattern of retreating, and then advancing instead.

Another way that you can establish a pattern is by changing your rhythm (a topic I address as its own principle).

This can be done by either speeding up or slowing down a technique or combination.

The rule of 3’s lives throughout all of the aspects of fighting.

Human nature thrives on finding patterns.

And even subconsciously we look for them.

So give your opponent plenty of patterns and then go about systematically breaking them.

This will be the key to getting all of the other principles we’ve been going over to work.

Or, better yet, since we all naturally fall into patterns already, simply look for the different patterns you’ve already unintentionally set and break those ones in order to land your shots.

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