Arm Lever Throw in Martial Arts

Trapping in Jeet Kune Do is a great way to set yourself up for Throws and Takedowns.

Here’s one of my favorites, using what’s called a Lop Sao to get into position for an Arm Lever Throw.

Building Out Your Repertoire In Trapping Range
When you first start learning Trapping at Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do, I start you with what I call the bare bones of Trapping.

You’ll do basic punches that follow a more Wing Chun type of structure.

This puts the emphasis on learning the actual Trapping skills, without having to worry too much about what strikes or techniques to throw from the different positions.

However, although punches can be effective from this range, the next step is to look at inserting other techniques into the mix.

After all, Trapping is such an excellent range for landing devastating Elbows, Knees, and Takedowns that it’s a shame to waste the opportunity.

Opening Space For Your Opponent To Fall Into
As you may have noticed in this and a couple other videos, part of the key to the effectiveness of these Takedowns is to open space for your opponent to fall into.

The step back is very important, and if you aren’t used to using what we call a “dissolving” energy in fighting, you’ll have a hard time making this technique work.

As you step back, you want to add a slight circular motion to your pull, which helps to add a spin to the guy’s movement and take him off balance. It’s not simply pulling him downward.

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