How to Design Your Weight Loss Ritual

What if you were to develop one habit in your day that would set you up for weight loss success?

What if this one habit made weight loss easy AND enjoyable?

I learned such a habit about 2 years ago and I used it to get into the best shape of my life.

And even more importantly, it helped me become successful in every important area of my life.

It’s called the Morning Success Ritual.

I was introduced to this idea from a multi-million dollar entrepreneur named Eben Pagan through his program Wake
Up Productive.

By implementing this ritual daily you will:

Start your day off with massive focus
Set yourself up for success in all your goals
Lower your cravings and control your appetite
Avoid emotional eating
Eat less calories throughout the day
Feel centered and in control of your life
Have energy and vitality for the rest of the day
That’s a pretty tall order for just one behavior change. But trust me–it works!

There are 3 key elements.

30 minutes of exercise
A healthy breakfast
5-10 minutes of ME-TIME
Let me walk you through MY Morning Success Ritual. Then we’ll look at each of those most important elements together and why they’re so powerful.

When I wake up I first brush my teeth and make my breakfast, which is usually a fruit smoothie.

Then I sip on it as I hit some bags or walk a nearby trail for 30 mins (although I’m notorious for getting lost for much longer).

Finally I come home, take a nice relaxing shower, and then sit outside on my balcony for 10 mins and enjoy the fresh morning air.

When I come back inside I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day like a rockstar.

Lets look at each of the 3 elements individually now.

1. 30 mins of Exercise

In our culture there’s a belief that exercise is all about burning calories and pushing yourself hard.

But burning calories is only a part of what exercise is all about.

Our bodies are designed for movement.

When we move our bodies we release pent up emotions that harbor stress and cause us to feel hungry and crave foods.

This stress is at the root of emotional eating. It’s trying to make ourselves feel better through food.

But studies have proven that adding in 30 mins of light exercise every day has as much of a positive effect on our emotions as any prescription drug has.

Thus, people who just get out for a little fresh air in the mornings tend to eat less, and the foods they crave are more healthy because their bodies are looking for nutrition rather than quick pleasure.

So find something that you enjoy that renews you and do it every day.

2. A Healthy Breakfast

By making your first meal of the day a healthy one you start your day off on the right foot.

You feel great and are more reluctant to knock yourself off track as the day progresses.

It also safeguards your cravings for later.

The worst “dieting” mistake a person can make is to skip meals until they are absolutely starving. There are just too many Mcdonalds out there for one person to ignore when their stomachs are begging for relief.

3. 5-10 mins of ME-TIME

For me this is meditation of sorts. But for you it can be anything that allows your mind to calm down and center itself.

Perhaps reading a good book, journaling, or cleaning up a bit does it for you.

The important thing is to not rush yourself. Let yourself enjoy the moment. Think of it as your gift to yourself before you begin your day.

By implementing this ritual daily you will find an emotional strength you didn’t know you had. It’ll hit a reset button for you that will make your day more enjoyable and less stressful.

You may have to get to bed earlier. You will also want to plan out your ritual so that you have everything ready the next day.

If you’re having to hunt down your tennis shoes in the morning, or figure out what to eat, you’re going to have trouble keeping up with this ritual, and you probably won’t enjoy it very much either.

So make it easy on yourself. Start small and tweak as you go.
In no time this Morning Success Ritual will be a treasured part of your day.

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