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Austin Impact is a unique training place of men and women trying to become the best person they can, physically and spiritually. Following the principles of Jeet Kune Do introduced to us and created by none other than Bruce Lee. You can call it a brotherhood/sisterhood, tribe, or perhaps fellowship, but ultimately this familia share and are invested in one another. Yes, going in there are foundational stances for powerful kicks, technical boxing techniques, and advancement into Wing Chun trapping and striking combinations, but these are taught in an open and collaborative learning environment by students at all levels and sometimes experienced in a variety of martial arts backgrounds. (I had literally zero training and was recovering from a serious motorcycle accident.) This is a place that teaches you the Tao of JKD to live by better standards and Sifu Forrest is one of the best. This is not a place that teaches MMA fighting from predetermined forms and katas. Forrest is informal meaning approachable, patient as a mentor, a wealth of knowledge, and not too shabby at sparring. Come to try it out, don’t be discouraged by being new, and enjoy the treasure tucked away in Wells Branch of North Austin. The toughest part of changing to a fitness lifestyle is taking that first step, the growth experienced through martial arts is one of the best ways to ensure it is enduring. Or maybe, give the gift to someone else you care about.
Ron W.
I have attended four Jeet Kune Do classes and I'm enjoying learning from Sifu Forrest. He is very knowledgeable in martial arts and he is focused on his students learning in a practical way.

I enjoy the class and know that what I am learning I can apply to the real-world situation. I searched various other training facilities in Austin to help me learn self-defense and I am very happy with the progress that I am making in the class.

Since I don't come in with any knowledge of Jeet Kune Do or other martial arts I am very appreciative of his patience and his attention to ensuring that I get the most of the class.

I would recommend this class to any woman, who like me, wants to learn techniques they can use to protect themselves against an attack.
Marisela R.
Forrest is an awesome coach... N indeed a great guy. My kids have been coming here for a few months now for private lessons n they love him. He's caring, funny n simply amazing with kids. The routines are great and they are learning a lot. The price is also quite reasonable. Would definitely recommend him to everybody.
Sam S.
There is not anything more you could ask from training at this gym. You have amazing instructors, a very clean environment, a friendly community, and nonstop motivation to kick butt and have fun. I have been in Austin for a few months and being a part of Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do has really made my time here amazing. Thank you Coach Forrest and Fighting Fit Boot Camp for a great experience!
HA Fez
I'm a month into it and still as addicted to it as I got on the first day.

Sifu Forrest is an outstanding teacher, dedicated to his Craft, his students and his continued personal growth, all of which make him a great inspiration to us.

I also greatly enjoy all of my classmates, who make this place feel like a warm, welcoming family, and have been very supportive of me and one another.

I find JKD Fun, Fascinating and Challenging -- Physically and Mentally.

I highly recommend Austin Impact JKD.
Chris H.
It's been 1.5 years since I've joined this school. I've tried a few different martial arts classes around Austin and this one fits my needs the best. It's a really friendly environment. The students have different backgrounds and levels in martial arts and they always try to help each other in learning and improving. I never seen a newbie get beaten up by someone more advanced.

The school has a lot to offer. The classes are 5 days a week and they include JKD, kickboxing, and boot camp. In my opinion, it's a good choice for anyone either you just want to stay in shape or become a better fighter (all levels besides maybe Pro).
Sergey I.
This is hands down one of the best places to train!! Very clean gym, super friendly members, and Coach Forrest is one of the most humble and kindest souls in the martial arts community. He not only teaches the fighting style but the art and philosophy behind it. If you want to master focus, patience, and virtue then come here it's a no-brainer. I spent time checking out so many gyms when I moved to Austin, after my first class I fell in love with the ar.
Hisham H.
I am very impressed with Austin Impact JKD. Sifu Forrest, a tough young and personable JKD teacher who practices what he preaches. Much respect for him and the work he does. Angie and I admired the way he gave extra to his students and his guests. Master Lee would be proud.
Steward P.
Awesome! the only word to describe the class...
Fito K.
Very welcoming environment. Sifu Forrest is very knowledgeable and provides an amazing class. After your first class, you will definitely come back for more!
Raj A.
I have been training with Sifu Forrest Caudill and Austin Impact JKD for about a month and have learned a lot already. Sifu Caudill is very knowledgeable and teaches in a way that gives you the confidence to learn no matter your experience level. The environment is friendly and the people are great. Come and take a class...you will not regret it.
Trey G.
Having been involved with Martial Arts since I was 4, I can tell you this is the most welcoming and fulfilling experience I have had with training, learning the art, and working with the other students, and I would highly recommend it to anyone within an interest in self-fulfillment or improvement of most any kind.
Charles C.
Loved the class and gym, Forrest really knows his stuff! Awesome people and a really cool Wing Chun dummy haha!
Michael P.
Fantastic service and training. I enrolled in the six weeks challenge and I'm amazed by the appropriate balance of focus between exercise, the study of combat, and safety. No matter what you sign up for, you will not be disappointed.
Jon M.

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