2 Counters To A Boxer’s Jab In Martial Arts

Most fighters are trained to fight with their left hand forward, keeping their strong side back.

Bruce Lee taught the reverse, likening Jeet Kune Do to “Fencing without a sword.”

There’s value in both strategies, and in fact it’s very common these days for fighters in MMA to fight with their strong hand in front, “Southpaw” as it’s called in boxing.

Anyway, here are a couple ways to deal with a Left Lead Jab from a Jeet Kune Do perspective.

Is Jeet Kune Do Better Than Boxing?
In the martial arts world, a lot of time is wasted on arguing about which style is most effective in a fight.

Sure, there are ones that are consistently less effective.

But among the more practical styles of fighting like MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, etc. it really comes down to the fighter rather than the fighting style.

Each of these styles has an approach to fighting that is proven to work.

So to debate things like “Is JKD or Boxing better?” is to focus on the wrong question.

Rather, a better question is which strategy works best for you?

In the case of having your strong side forward or back, each strategy has its strengths and its flaws.

Just because you know some techniques you can use against a boxer doesn’t mean you’ll pull them off against a boxer.

Only training and experience with drills like sparring will determine that.

So find an approach that fits you best–your body type, your general mindset, etc–and go with that.

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